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Students learn by doing. Engage your students with interactive applications and test their understanding throughout the lessons by providing questions that are graded instantly.

From individual lessons, question banks, and textbook supplements to full courses, pre-made Möbius content can create an immersive learning experience for your students. Take control of your courses by customizing our Content Packs or creating full lessons from scratch — with or without programming experience.

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Benefit from a flipped classroom approach

If your class uses a hybrid online and in-person model, introduce concepts digitally with a sophisticated tool and free up lecture time for questions and discussion.


Interactive learning environment

With interactive assignments and tools, you can engage your audience throughout the lesson.


Limitless practice opportunities

Practice makes perfect. With algorithmically generated practice questions, educators can provide their students with an endless assessment sandbox to ensure the content is properly learned.


Customizable Möbius lessons

Unlike most pre-made publisher material, any content in Möbius can be easily customized to fit your exact class needs. View our full content catalogue.


Rich authoring tools

Möbius lessons can be created from scratch and shared with your peers using a wide variety of tools to match your goals, from quick and effective interfaces to sophisticated programming capabilities and Math plugins.


Integration with course management systems

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) connectivity allows for easy integration with course management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and Brightspace.

Expert Content at Your Fingertips

DigitalEd partners with leading publishers, academic institutions, open education resource (OER) providers, and professors to develop rich online courses and materials.

Developed by experts, course materials cover a variety of science, math, and engineering subjects and range from late high school to the graduate level. Students can use these materials, instructors, and institutions as textbook replacements and supplements, hybrid, blended or fully online courses, outreach programs, and more.

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