Active Learning: The right way to teach STEM online

Drive student success by delivering lectures, textbook materials, course notes, supplementary learning materials, or any other teaching resources using the indisputable method of Active Learning inside of Möbius lessons.

Lessons designed with your vision and our technology

Whether you have programming experience or not, you can integrate Active Learning principles in your lessons by using Möbius’ industry-leading STEM content authoring capabilities to craft content that effectively solidifies complex STEM concepts for your students.

Learn the Concept + Apply the Concept = Learn by Doing

Peer-reviewed proof for Active Learning in Möbius

A 2022 study published by IEEE and co-authored by DigitalEd team members discusses the testing effect and shows how Möbius lessons work to achieve optimal learning outcomes for students, especially in asynchronous learning environments. This statistical analysis provides data-driven validation of the positive correlation between the time spent in Möbius formative assessments over a school term and the improved performance on summative assessments.

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To investigate the relationships between engagement with formative activities (lessons, practice tests, viewing hints and feedback) and higher outcomes on the final exam and overall course grades.

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Used Möbius analytics to compare data such as click-level events, time spent, and standard deviation in time spent day-to-day across a term, and compared this data across quartiles of exam and final grade success.

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Higher student success was correlated with more click-level events, more engagement with automatic feedback during lessons, and more uniform engagement with the platform over the term.

Review the study for yourself (Smith et. al. 2022).


STEM students learn by doing

Simplify complex STEM concepts by interlacing your Möbius lessons with hands-on Active Learning opportunities like unlimited practice questions with real-time feedback and interactive visuals, plus other features innate to Möbius that nurture student comprehension like easy navigation.

Video showing Möbius presenting questions with algorithmically generated parameters

Algorithmic questions within your lessons give your students unlimited practice to solidify the concepts they just learned using the TRY ANOTHER feature.

Feedback and hints for the in-lesson questions use the same algorithmic variables as the question version to ensure clear correlation between the question being asked and the solution explanation.

Animation showing interactive Calculus curve graph

Design the perfect interactive element or choose from Möbius’ repository of pre-built visualization elements to find the right match for the complex concept you’re teaching.

These visual lesson tools can be purely for student exploration to actualize difficult STEM concepts, like calculus.


Animation showing a tool within Möbius demonstrating projectile physics.

Embed your favorite interactive tools into Möbius lessons—like physics apps—that help to make those difficult STEM concepts more tangible.

You can then include questions about the visual that are automatically graded by Möbius to help your students check their understanding of what they experienced when they click the HOW DID I DO? feature.

Animation showing a Geogebra Math app within Möbius

Include a variety of interactive elements inside of your lesson content and be creative with your approach, no matter your STEM discipline, like geometry.

Give your students the full experience of your teaching even in an asynchronous environment by building your content with a combination of text, interactive visuals, and questions with automatic feedback.

Animation showing 30+ customization settings for Möbius lessons

Work with a point-and-click interface to configure over 30 different properties for incredible precision over the delivery of your lesson content.

Enjoy features like scheduling lesson and feedback availability, defining lesson completion parameters, and creating mastery gates to ensure students are consuming your lesson content at the right time.


The right questions at the right time

  • Provide outlets for students to practice what they’re learning right when they’re learning it
  • Keep your students stimulated and challenged with over 15 different ways for a student to enter their response with Möbius’ variety of question types

Visuals done the right way

  • Powerful multimedia visualizations and interactives reinforce your lesson content instead of losing your students’ attention with paragraph after paragraph of plain text
  • Embed videos, links, Math Apps, 2D and 3D plots, and even third-party apps to effectively illustrate your lesson concepts

Understand how to get the right answer

  • Offer immediate and meaningful feedback to your students as fully worked solutions the second they submit an answer to an in-lesson question
  • Present algorithmic questions that present infinite versions of a question to ensure your students understand how to get the right answer instead of just memorizing it

The right content

  • Use Möbius’ industry-leading STEM content authoring interface—with or without programming—alongside its sophisticated and robust Equation Editor for displaying proper mathematical notation to build lessons that effectively display STEM content
  • Create your own Active Learning experiences for your students or import pre-built ones from your favorite resources

The right type of practice

  • With no tie to the Gradebook, students can focus on learning and understanding the content through practice questions right inside of your lesson content without needing to worry about how their grades are affected

The right math engine

  • A world-class math engine enables you to serve complex mathematical content and perform sophisticated grading routines for grading precision

Navigation done right

  • Möbius’ seamless LTI integration with your Learning Management System means a frictionless experience for your students to access your Möbius lessons
  • Intuitive and familiar lesson navigation eliminates distractions and frustrations that can come from not knowing where to go to next

The right data

  • Pull detailed data from the Google Analytics dashboard, Möbius Gradebook, and Content Repository to gain illuminating content consumption insights
  • Gauge if your content needs improvement based on how your lesson content is being absorbed by your students

The right pace

  • Möbius lessons unfold the potential for STEM students to acquire knowledge at a guided yet self-defined pace where lesson content is available anytime and anywhere
  • Provide added structure during your students’ individual  learning paths by designing knowledge gates to assure success in future lessons

The right level of control

  • Have precise control over how your lessons are delivered by configuring over 30 Möbius lesson properties using a simplified, code-free interface
  • Save time while designing your Möbius lessons by taking advantage of Policy Sets to consistently apply a defined subset of lesson properties in bulk without needing to manually adjust individual lessons

Expert lesson content at your fingertips

DigitalEd partners with leading publishers, academic institutions, open education resource (OER) providers, and professors to develop rich online courses and materials.

Developed by experts, Möbius’ pre-built content covers a variety of STEM subjects and range from late high school to the graduate level, pre-loaded with lessons based off of Active Learning principles.

Leverage these materials as textbook replacements or supplements, hybrid courses, blended courses, fully online courses, outreach programs, or simply as a starting point for building out your course.

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