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Because today’s students arrive with a range of mathematics backgrounds, effective placement testing is vital to secure student success and to ensure their satisfaction with the education they receive.

The renowned Mathematical Association of America (MAA)—an organization trusted for decades by hundreds of institutions across North America to provide superior mathematics placement testing—has hand-picked the reputable and robust Möbius platform by DigitalEd to partner with for delivering a powerful and practical solution to accurately evaluate student entry-level mathematical competencies.

Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite

Unmatched Value and Service

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Save costs

Offered on a per-student basis instead of per-attempt, making it the most cost-effective placement testing offering in the market.

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Real support

Comprehensive online help documentation plus actual people on the DigitalEd Customer Support Team.

Full Control Over Your Testing


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Easy to administer

Eliminate all the logistical headaches of paper-based testing by delivering fully pre-built tests online that seamlessly integrate with your LMS and offer clear and enriching digital visuals.

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Instant results

Questions are automatically graded upon test submission and built-in analytics tools provide maximum insights into student performance.

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Flexible delivery

Online testing with Möbius means that you can distribute placement testing using whatever scheduling and frequency is needed to suit your institution.

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Complete customizability

Use as a turnkey option and deliver testing as-is, or leverage the content modifying capabilities of the Möbius platform to tailor your placement testing down to the finest detail.

Superior Content for Peace of Mind

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Created by experts

Each test is written and constructed by panels of higher education mathematics experts and then reviewed and approved by the MAA.

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Statistically validated

MAA placement tests are first rigorously trialed at select institutions which includes detailed analysis and test modification, all overseen by authorities of the MAA.


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Authentic testing

Every test is carefully balanced, offered with multiple versions, and real-life tested to provide consistent, reliable, and genuine results.

Möbius Placement tests align with entry-level mathematic courses

Aligned testing criteria

MAA placement tests achieve the assessment of the fundamental computational skills needed for student success.

Powerful Möbius features combined with trusted MAA mathematics placement content

Discover the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite features that allow you to truly gauge the foundational skills of your mathematics students:

  • Recommended time limits for each test
  • Multiple test versions are available to provide testing diversity
  • An infinite number of variations exist for algorithmic tests due to algorithmic variables
  • Each test is pre-built and ready to deploy

Two types of tests are available, each with 25-32 multiple choice questions:

  • Skills-based Tests: Standard, algorithmic, and calculator-based tests that determine if a student possesses the foundational tactical skills required to succeed in the target course.
  • Concepts Readiness Tests: These tests cover critical and in-depth conceptual understandings needed for success in the target course.
Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite Features
Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite Subjects

Test topics covered by the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite:

  • Arithmetic and Skills
  • Basic Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Advanced Algebra
  • Trigonometry and Elementary Functions
  • Calculus Readiness
  • Algebra and Precalculus Readiness

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