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Accelerating the creation of Möbius Assignments and Questions

Jonny Zivku
Jonny Zivku
Director, Product Marketing

At DigitalEd, we understand that getting up and running quickly is imperative when using educational technology. When adopting Möbius, your teams don’t need to start from scratch creating their content. The Möbius Assignment Importer makes it easy to bring over existing assignments and questions your faculty are already using from Google Docs or Microsoft Word and have them automatically created for you in Möbius.

Before the Möbius Assignment Importer, users would have to start from scratch to create Möbius assignments which can be time consuming, or attempt to copy-and-paste their content from an existing document into Möbius which sometimes proved to be ineffective as formatting of images, styling, and math notation wasn’t always preserved.

The Möbius Assignment Importer eliminates the tediousness of having to author content from scratch or toil with the shortcomings of standard copy-and-pasting, and allows users to leverage the existing forms of their assignments that they’ve already spent the time creating. This also eliminates the risk of transcription errors since the automated import preserves the quality of the original content.
Instructors can also more easily collaborate on the original version of the document using tools that they’re already familiar with. When the document is ready, it can then be imported into Möbius (where the content can still be collaboratively edited using the Möbius Question Editor).

After you import your assignments into Möbius, all styling from questions, including images, math, and other formatting options, are maintained on import. And even if you’ve authored feedback for your questions in your original document, that gets imported, too!


You can also take each individual question that was imported and boost their effectiveness by defining algorithmic variations, put more emphasis on visually appealing styling, and deliver sophisticated feedback – which can then be bundled up into new Möbius lessons or Möbius assignments for maximum reusability
Using Möbius, a solution that promotes easy importing of existing assignments, your teaching team is more focussed on instructing students and encouraging better results.