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Active Learning with Möbius Lessons

Learn the Concept + Apply the Concept = Learn by Doing
Jonny Zivku
Jonny Zivku
Director, Product Marketing

When you think about academic lessons in a college or university setting, where does your mind go? For some, it might remind you of being in-person attending a lecture. Or perhaps it reminds you of taking a course online. Or maybe it immediately brings back memories of textbooks, course notes, or downloadable resources you used for your studies. Wherever your mind goes, one thing’s for certain: the end result is learning something new. But with lessons and learning comes the question of best practices. We believe that Active Learning is essential for STEM education.

The principle of Active Learning is simple to explain; apply concepts as soon as they are learned, and accompany that assessment of knowledge with immediate and meaningful feedback to reinforce comprehension.


Learn the Concept + Apply the Concept = Learn by Doing


One of the biggest challenges with online education, especially for STEM, is encouraging Active Learning. However, with Möbius by DigitalEd, we achieve this through a few key components:

  • Unlimited in-lesson practice questions
  • 15 question types with customizable delivery and grading options
  • Algorithmic questions to never ask the same question twice
  • Immediate and meaningful feedback
  • Powerful visualizations and interactive elements

You can trust us! We proved it! A study performed by DigitalEd along with Dr. Ralf Becker of the University of Manchester shows how Möbius lessons are the right way to achieve optimal learning outcomes for students studying STEM online, especially in asynchronous environments. This statistical analysis provides data-driven validation of the positive correlation between the time spent in Möbius formative assessments over a school term and the improved performance on summative assessments.

Looking to see how you can apply these Active Learning principles in your STEM courses using Möbius? Contact us today to talk to an expert in online lesson delivery.