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Build Your Courses, Your Way Using Pre-Built Content

Get a headstart when creating your online course.
Jonny Zivku
Jonny Zivku
Director, Product Marketing

When we are talking about building online content as an educator, it can cause frustration for both you and your students. It could mean having limited options or tools for building quality online content, making it harder to deliver your message the way you want to. This could then mean that students might not get all the information in the way they need it when they need it.

Publisher-quality course content, with the flexibility to customize and improve your courses.


Starting from nothing is the hardest. This content authoring process might mean starting with no online content and spending a lot of time transforming it to a digital form. Using one-and-done activities is limiting you to providing static content, with no option to edit it. Since you can’t edit it, it is unlikely it will fit your needs, cover what you want to teach, and contain the message you want to send to your students. Even if you have an option to customize your content, it can be complex, and it might be hard to get the support that you need to learn and understand how to do it.

Möbius allows you to use existing content: a starting point that saves you time and gives you the flexibility to modify content to your own needs, and your students’ needs. And you have round-the-clock support to help you with the process.


After you have finished building your content, how effectively can you deliver it, and is it easy for students to use it? Do you have to jump through obstacles, or is it as simple as a click of a button? Are you delivering static and non-engaging content for students,  where they’ll view it once and quickly forget, or are you going beyond that?

Möbius provides you with the ability to create interactive lessons, inline questions, and auto-graded assessments. You can choose the tools that best suit your needs. You have options to build interactive content that students can engage with, where you can test students’ understanding. You have options to create dynamic content that students can re-use, so they can build up their knowledge to tackle more demanding tasks.

Teach the way you want to teach.

Edit and Improve

You have successfully built and delivered your content, but now you are receiving feedback, either from your peers or students. The important part about the tool you use to build your online content is: once you have created it, how easy is it to modify it? If it is hard to build, it is likely it will take a lot of time to modify it.

In the Content Repository—a centralized location in Möbius where you can easily incorporate provided learning materials along with your own—you have the option and freedom to create, edit, reuse, and own your content to fit your needs and the way you want to teach.

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