Digital Assessment – Jim and Mark (Part 1)

Mark Schneider explores the topic of digital assessment tools this week with Jim Cooper, in the first part of their discussion about digital education.
Siobhan Paul
Siobhan Paul
Director, Global Marketing

At the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Mark Schneider is best known not only for his passion for delivering instruction but also for his ongoing commitment to educational technology research. Since 2011, Mark has delivered mathematics instruction geared toward Engineering Technologies as well as Academic Upgrading. Quite recently, he was seconded to a consulting role to lead a campus-wide initiative to phase out a legacy Learning Management System.

As a polytechnic, NAIT provides career programs in diverse areas where Mark has become actively engaged by providing these areas with assistance in developing an online footprint and crafting computer-mediated assessments to improve both faculty and student experiences. Mark graduated with degrees in mathematics and education, with a strong interest in computation and assessment in each respective area. In this two part podcast, Mark talks with Jim Cooper, President and CEO of Maplesoft, to discuss how and why to implement digital assessment tools.