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DigitalEd Extends Access To Quality Online STEM Education With Founder Purvar

DigitalEd announces a new partnership to provide greater access in Japan and China to Möbius, the most innovative online platform for STEM.
Siobhan Paul
Siobhan Paul
Director, Global Marketing

DigitalEd  is excited to announce a significant new partnership with Founder Purvar, a global solutions provider of educational software and information technology in both Japan and China. Through this partnership, Founder Purvar will join DigitalEd’s global reseller network to provide access to Möbius, the online learning platform for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and provide high-quality, STEM-based course materials to the Japanese and Chinese educational markets.

“This partnership broadens our existing network in the Asia market to bring Möbius to a region of the world that appreciates the value of better STEM education. Founder Purvar can regionalize Möbius learning materials to both Japanese and Chinese and with its experience implementing software solutions to large enterprises, Founder Purvar will be an excellent partner for educational institutions in the region that are adopting STEM online learning.”
Jim Cooper

CEO of DigitalEd.

As the value and necessity of remote, online STEM education grow worldwide, Founder Purvar will join the existing DigitalEd reseller network to support the online adoption journey in Japan and China by:

  • Providing local support for the Möbius online platform to educational institutions.
  • Translating STEM education materials, ready to use by local institutions.
  • Unlocking access to a broad library of STEM course content that can be modified and adapted to fit an institution’s requirements.

“Möbius has been very successful, especially in Europe and North America, and is now used worldwide at many prestigious universities like Nanyang Technological University— Singapore (11th in the world university ranking) and Imperial College—London, UK (9th in the world university ranking). We believe this partnership has the potential to revolutionize the Japanese education industry, as we have extended our network to access a powerful online learning platform for STEM, with the ability to create excellent localized content for Möbius in cooperation with publishers, schools, and researchers.”
Xianghong Guan President & CEO at Founder Purvar

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