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Lachlan Swain
Lachlan Swain
Team Lead: Implementation & Support

As a global company with an increasing user base, we have increased demands from new and current Möbius users on how to best use our solution. At the same time, we wanted to show that Möbius can be used to effectively teach a variety of technical subjects, including Möbius itself! So we had a need, and a point to prove.

In 2023, DigitalEd launched a program called “Möbius Continuous Learning” (or MCL), consisting of two online courses—playfully called MÖÖC’s—and Virtual In-Class Training. These two courses, “Möbius Onboarding MÖÖC” and “Möbius Advanced MÖÖC”, are available to any Möbius user and are taught online using Möbius itself by some of DigitalEd’s very own Möbius experts in our Customer Experience and Product teams.

The first launched course, Möbius Onboarding MÖÖC, helps to take users who have never used Möbius before and get them up and running with creating their own courses and start learning how to create algorithmic content in Möbius in the shortest time reasonable. A newly available course, Möbius Advanced MÖÖC, is a more detailed course that examines the basics more closely, spends more time on the involved topics in the onboarding course, and builds upon that with advanced areas not touched before such as adaptive assignments and open-ended questions. This advanced course is intended to take users who are already familiar with Möbius and make them experts.

We hope that the Onboarding MÖÖC will serve as an excellent foundation to get new users up and running with Möbius without the need to arrange sessions with our Implementation Team (which, when many instructors want to learn how to use our solution at once, can be a tricky thing to arrange). Or when onboarding new customers or existing customers who have signed up for the MCL’s Virtual In-Class Training sessions. These virtual sessions are for institutions who currently use Möbius and would like to onboard new people. They allow for a blended learning experience instead of a fully asynchronous one which enables all parties to make better use of face-to-face time with Möbius experts to discuss specific questions they have, and what best practices there might be in the context of their institution and their courses while progressing through the Onboarding MÖÖC. We hope that the Advanced MÖÖC will then allow users to become more familiar with some of the more complex parts of Möbius, but also encourage them to use handy parts of the solution that can seem mysterious and are not often used.

Between May and October 2023, over 100 academics across the world signed up to the Onboarding MÖÖC, which, given that this is the period of the year when most academics leave for holidays, is impressive. Feedback on the Onboarding MÖÖC has been positive from users and the DigitalEd Implementation Team, both of whom enjoy the fact that we are now delivering what Möbius users themselves want to deliver: an on-demand asynchronous learning resource (or blended learning environment for virtual live session subscribers to discuss best practices and questions that arise from completing the MÖÖC). The Onboarding MÖÖC will be something that we constantly tweak and improve as time goes on, and we are excited to see the reception we get with the new Advanced MÖÖC.

Give it a go yourself— Learn to use Möbius with Möbius! Sign up at https://learn.mobius.cloud/.