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Put a Pause in Your Lecture: A Benefit of Online Learning

Putting a pause in a lecture to improve learning.
Meg Tyler
Meg Tyler

In the last few months, there have been many challenges that both educators and students have had to face. Some schools were already making use of the benefits of online learning, but others had to jump into online learning very quickly. Still, in both cases, there was a new and different approach to how learning material had to be delivered, and in many cases, educators had to create online lectures for the first time to deliver course materials to students. During this process, many of these educators were faced with the frustration of learning new online tools, how time-consuming it can be to create materials that they already have (just in a different form), and just confusion over how to continue to teach effectively.

But once those initial obstacles are crossed, and students start using the materials that are provided to them, it turns out to be a worthwhile task for educators who spend an enormous amount of time creating online materials.

Why should you put a pause in your lecture?

  • Writing notes while, at the same time, trying to listen to and understand what their professor is explaining?
  • And then going back to their notes maybe weeks—or even months—later, wishing that they could listen to that lecture again?
  • Wishing they could hear about the details that they missed writing down?

Wouldn’t it be nice for a student to be able to listen to a lecture all over again, as many times as they wanted? If only they could press pause during a lecture…

As an Educator

  • All of the students that will be able to use it, listen to it, and do this more than once.
  • How much easier will it be for students who are watching a video that you created, that they can press pause, write their notes, observe, and view it again until they understand the lecture.
  • And how many times you will be able to reuse the materials you have created.

You are providing an environment where students can observe, repeat, and learn more effectively.

From the Students’ Perspective

Think about the value that your online material can bring to your students. Now there is an option to pause the lecture to take the notes, rewind it, and listen to specific parts of it again as many times as needed, whenever they need it—something that is not possible during in-person classes.

Building for the Future

Having both online and in-class experiences is ideal; where students can communicate with the educator in person and ask questions, but also go home to take another look at the lecture. This additional option of reviewing a recorded lecture can help students if they did not have time to write everything down, had to miss a lecture, or were just having a tough day in the classroom. Building online materials help students to learn more, prepare better, and in the end, have a better learning experience.

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