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The Future Of Exams Is Here – Möbius For Secure Online Proctoring

Möbius: Our world-class math engine can help to create and deploy online STEM courses and assessments with capabilities to authorize and proctor your students fully.
Somlynn Rorie
Somlynn Rorie

For instructors and students, remote learning and examination is the new normal. Thanks to the abundance of technical instruments available, institutes now can take learning online. While remote examination and online proctoring have gained popularity, the question is how to ensure high academic integrity in an online environment. In this post, we’ll discuss how Möbius, the leader in online STEM education, can ensure secure online proctoring, authorizing your students in a non-invasive manner that protects your student’s rights and privacy.

Möbius provides secure online proctoring to students with its Proctored Exam assignment type geared toward test administrators who want to proctor their exams, from student entry to an assignment to full proctoring.

Möbius offers two types of authorization: Proctor Authorization to Start and Proctor Authorization to Grade. These options simply require a proctor to validate student identity and grant assignment access, and authorize the student before they are allowed to start or submit the assignment for grading. Administrators can approve a student directly on their device for those on-campus proctored exams or remotely, from a separate location, using Möbius Proctor Tools.

Möbius also provides a Proctored Browser full-screen mode that blocks the student from accessing external websites or other programs on their computer while completing an online Proctored Exam. If a student exits this full-screen mode, they will be locked out of their assignment until they receive re-authorization from a proctor.

To prevent browsing other resources for the answers, Möbius includes advanced algorithmic and randomizations tools where you can consist of Question Groups, which tells Möbius to pull a subset of questions and randomize the order. Students can get randomized test questions, or questions can be generated algorithmically so that each student receives a unique test version.

Möbius is also compatible with any webcam proctoring solutions as long as it is a web-based application and can be easily accessed using a web browser without downloading any software. No API integration is required, and no technical linking is needed.

Möbius provides excellent student and faculty experience and integrates seamlessly with all major LMSs and browsers. The Future Of Exams Is Here with Möbius: Our world-class math engine to create and deploy online STEM courses and assessments with capabilities to authorize and proctor your students fully. Click to try Möbius for yourself. 

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