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The Three Rs of Creating Content for Online Math Courses

Jonny Zivku
Jonny Zivku
Director, Product Marketing

When I was a little guy attending elementary school, I remember being taught the importance of putting into practice the three Rs—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle—as a way to take care of our environment and better utilize our resources around us. The three Rs continued well beyond my elementary school days and still permeate as paths to improve our lives, the environment, and those around us.

But these concepts don’t need to end there and can also be applied to education, especially when creating online math courses. Here’s how the three Rs can help:

Reduce Time Spent Creating Your Courses

Rather than using multiple tools that overlap each other—duplicating efforts in each tool and wasting what little time left you have—consider adopting a single tool that meets the needs for all your math courses. Möbius by DigitalEd offers intuitive authoring, a modern experience, and unparalleled support – it’s the perfect solution for all your math course needs PLUS it cuts down on the amount of time needed to get your courses up and running online.

Reuse Existing Course Materials & Get It Online in Minutes

Your school adopts a brand new LMS. Your department switches publishers for your math textbooks. And, that open-source online homework tool you’ve devoted yourself to for the last five years has suddenly been deprecated. Don’t start from scratch every time something changes!

Did you know: Möbius lets you bring in your existing materials – PDFs, Word docs, Google Docs, or LMS homework – and powers them up right before your eyes in minutes! (Let us show you how it’s done, request a demo to see it in action!)

Recycle AND Iterate Course Material

You shouldn’t be locked to publisher solutions or confusing technology that doesn’t allow you to iterate and improve your course materials as you see fit. Unlock the flexibility of being able to recycle old course materials AND enhance it with sophisticated and innovative options. With Möbius, we have streamlined authoring and content management tools to ensure you’re always in control of your course materials.

By reducing, reusing, and recycling, you not only create more efficient and effective online math courses but also contribute to a more sustainable approach to education. Let us be your partner in this journey and help you simplify creating your online math courses!



Jonny Zivku is a seasoned product marketer in the field of education technology, boasting a rich experience spanning over 15 years. His journey has been marked by a relentless dedication to empowering schools and educators to excel in delivering top-tier STEM courses. Jonny’s commitment lies in bridging the gap between technology and education, ensuring that students have access to the best tools and resources to thrive in today’s dynamic world.