Accessibility – An extension of our core beliefs

At DigitalEd we’ve built Möbius using our beliefs, values, and the core pillars of software development. We embrace belonging, celebrate differences, and we meet learners where they are. We believe this includes all STEM learners, including those with diverse accessibility requirements and who use assistive technologies in their daily life.




How our team sees accessibility

WCAG is important for not only those concerned about accessibility but for all those concerned about general, universal usability. These guidelines serve to challenge the way we approach development of new features as well as improving existing ones. A universal design experience works for all, from inception, and standardizes the experiences our users take part in.


  • What accessibility standards is Möbius based on?

    Möbius’ design is based on the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards, and improvements and reviews are always being performed to ensure that Möbius satisfies these requirements as comprehensively as possible.

  • Are Möbius’ content authoring tools accessible?

    The standard text formatting keyboard shortcuts are available to content authors during content authoring.

  • Will the content I author in Möbius be accessible?

    You can leverage Möbius’ built-in capabilities to ensure that your content meets accessibility requirements. Your content can be authored with alternative text, table headers, proper text hierarchy, appropriate color contrast themes, custom font sizing, and more. Möbius content is displayed in HTML5 which allows for the use of the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Suite to add elements for an accessible experience.

  • Is alternative text (alt text) available in Möbius?

    Alternative text can be applied to all images and Maple-based content inside of Möbius. As well, 11 of Möbius’ STEM-focused question types also fully support alternative text.

  • Is Möbius’ symbolic math entry tool accessible?

    Development is being done to enhance the accessibility of Möbius’ incredibly powerful symbolic Equation Editor, but an equally capable alternative text entry method exists for question types that require the fully accessible student entry of math notation.

  • Do Möbius question types permit keyboard navigation?

    9 of Möbius’ STEM-focused questions types are compatible with keyboard navigation to ensure that you’re able to offer a diverse selection of sophisticated questions that fully accommodate accessibility needs.

  • Does Möbius work with screen readers and magnifiers?

    Möbius is tested using screen readers and screen magnifiers that represent the most common screen reader and magnifier software used by Möbius users.

  • Does Möbius work on tablets and mobile devices?

    Möbius works on tablets and mobile devices. However, for an optimized experience, it’s recommended to access Möbius from a desktop screen because of the level of detail and interaction that comes along with the high-quality content and sophisticated functionality of Möbius.

  • Can I adjust the color contrast of Möbius’ display?

    Content colors and sizing can be adjusted using a point-and-click interface as well as custom CSS themes to ensure that your content is displayed as desired. DigitalEd’s Customer Support Team can help with customizing the contrast of the Möbius user interface if needed.

  • Can my content be translated to other languages?

    Möbius is officially available in specific languages, but you can also use your browser’s built-in translation tool to convert your display to a desired language. See

  • Is Möbius’ pre-built content considered accessible?

    Möbius’s pre-built content has been authored with accessibility considerations in mind, and while not all content perfectly satisfies accessibility standards, this content is fully customizable to suit the accessibility needs of your institution.

Accessibility Standards: WCAG 2.1

To make our platform more accessible, we have adopted WCAG 2.1 AA as our baseline standard. The guidelines under WCAG serve to guide the way we approach development, and we will always strive to listen to users’ needs, educate ourselves, and make necessary improvements to our platform.

DigitalEd Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

We’ve filled out the VPAT form for our latest release, which is the standardized form that evaluates accessibility. We examine each new feature and any changes to existing features against the full set of WCAG guidelines so that our clients and partners have the latest information on our platform’s accessibility. Each WCAG success criterion is evaluated for compliance and linked to the equivalent Section 508 and EN 301 criteria.

  • Name of Product: Möbius 2022.0
  • Date: February 1st, 2022
  • Product description: The Möbius platform is an online courseware creation and delivery platform.
  • Contact information:
  • Notes: This version of the VPAT covers content consumption and documentation, but excludes the content authoring components of the system.
  • Evaluation methods used: Testing is based on general product knowledge.

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