We know that you want to offer thorough and effective assessments to your students but dread the extra work that comes along with grading them!

We’re confident when we say that sophisticated assessments don’t need to lead to tedious and time-consuming grading efforts from you!

Watch this webinar where John LaMaster—Senior Instructor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Purdue University Fort Wayne—will show you how he uses the robust automatic grading and feedback delivery system of Möbius to offer low-stakes study and practice materials to his students.

Then, three of our in-house DigitalEd Möbius experts—Carl Hickman, Stefan Boecker, and Jonny Zivku—will show you how you can:

  • Leverage Möbius for automatically grading questions—even when they’re algorithmic, open-ended, and for high-stakes exams—and providing feedback on digital assessments without demands on you to perform the grading
  • Harness the intuitive design of Möbius Grading for streamlined digital and collaborative grading of paper-based assessments so that you can still offer this trusted and traditional method of assessment without the burdens of the grading that usually come with it

Through these demonstrations that will also highlight precision grade management and detailed analytics, you’ll discover how with Möbius’ grading solutions, you can spend less time grading your assessments, and get back to what you love: TEACHING!

Meet the Presenters

John LaMaster

Senior Instructor, Purdue University Fort Wayne

Carl Hickman

Senior Full Stack Developer

Stefan Boecker

Senior QA Automation Developer

Jonny Zivku

Director, Product Marketing

Chelsea Ranville

Manager, Product Marketing