Math Readiness

A Global Rethinking of Mathematics Readiness

Christina Perdikoulias
Christina Perdikoulias
President, DigitalEd

Across diverse contexts of mathematics education, the challenge of ensuring student preparedness for the rigors of tertiary mathematics courses remains universal

The Universal Challenge of Mathematics Readiness:

You are entrusted with preparing your students with the skills and knowledge to succeed as they graduate and move on to tertiary education. Many of these institutions grapple with the challenge of varied preparation levels among incoming students. Summative or placement tests provide a view into the student’s mastery of key subjects, but they alone do not serve to educate the student and help them achieve competency in mathematics. 

Let’s explore how student-driven readiness approaches ensure your secondary institution provides the best environment to prepare your students for success in their future studies.

  • Reframing Mathematics Readiness as a Journey: Student-driven readiness enriches and empowers learners to be more invested in their success, encouraging adaptivity and resilience. With tools like Möbius by DigitalEd, students from diverse backgrounds can assess, develop, and refine their math skills with greater agency.
  • Promoting a Growth Mindset: Emphasizing personalized learning and incremental progress over rigid summative assessments fosters a positive self-image as a capable mathematician. This is essential for student success as they prepare to transition to a more competitive and unfamiliar tertiary educational setting. Möbius allows students to consume learning materials at a self-directed pace with adaptive assignments, automatically generated questions to support independent practice, with immediate feedback to gauge learning.
  • Data-Driven Support: Platforms like Möbius give instructors the means to support more students and give them more of their attention with tools to automate grading and feedback, in addition to providing insights through robust data on student interactions with the learning material and progressive understanding, allowing institutions to tailor support to diverse needs, supporting their success regardless of starting point.

Set your students up for success in mathematics

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