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DigitalEd and Edufide Join Forces to Launch Möbius Grading: A Game-Changing Solution for Grading Assessments

Somlynn Rorie
Somlynn Rorie

The new solution will improve student success while saving time and money.

WATERLOO, ON, April 5, 2023 /CNW/ – DigitalEd and Edufide have announced today a new partnership that will expand the grading capabilities of Möbius and bring Edufide’s Assign2 solution to a broader global market. Introducing Möbius Grading, a collaborative grading solution to transform how you grade bubble sheet multiple-choice, paper-based, and remote offline assessments.

The Möbius platform auto-grades and provides feedback to students for online questions and problems used within Möbius assessments and assignments. The new solution, Möbius Grading, will enhance the quality and efficiency of grading by:

  • Allowing administrators to reuse and grade legacy paper-based assessments and assignments by a document upload instead of recreating existing assessment materials such as pdfs or paper tests 
  • Providing a simple and user-friendly grading interface that can handle large number of tests
  • Increasing productivity by enabling grading teams to work collaboratively and simultaneously without interfering with each other’s work
  • Improve student outcomes by using customizable rubrics and comment libraries providing consistency in grading
  • Offering data on student performance and assessment effectiveness that can help improve assessment design 
  • Accommodating and/or replacing proprietary bubble sheets and scanner-required testing materials

“Joining forces with Edufide, the creators of Assign2, is an exciting opportunity for DigitalEd. We are united by a common vision of creating software solutions that empower educators and inspire STEM students. Providing a  grading solution that can put instructors back in the classroom instead of performing administrative tasks shows our commitment to helping institutions enhance student outcomes –  we think of this as a way for our educator customers to Take Back Teaching.” Marty Callahan, CEO, DigitalEd

Möbius Grading is powered by Edufide’s Assign2, a solution designed by and for educators to enhance automated grading solutions and reduce instructor workload. Assign2 supports institution-level or departmental implementation with features such as PDF and image uploads, scanning of submissions with bulk scanners or directly by students with mobile phones, and compliance with global security and privacy protocols. Students can easily and quickly access their results, including instructor feedback based on identified rubrics and have their results pushed to their LMS to further engage students in the learning process.

“Our partnership with DigitalEd lets us focus on accelerating the development of advanced grading features of Assign2 that powers Möbius Grading. At the same time, we can use DigitalEd’s expertise in digital learning and the Möbius platform to connect us with its global network of educators and learners.” Asim Aziz, CEO & Founder, Edufide.

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About Edufide

Edufide Inc specializes in software solutions for higher education. It was established in 2019 to enhance the quality of teaching and learning with creative and easy-to-use tools. Their flagship solution, Assign2, is an assessment management and grading platform created with the help of top educators at leading Canadian universities. Assign2 helps instructors grade assignments more quickly and easily, facilitates collaboration among their peers and allows them to provide rich feedback to students.