Math Placement Tests

How to Choose the Right Math Placement Test for Your Students

Siobhan Paul
Siobhan Paul
Director, Global Marketing

As an educator, you know how important it is to appropriately assess each student’s capabilities and place them in the correct courses. This way, you can set them up for the highest probability of success and help them achieve their academic goals.

Some students may have already developed the necessary skills in high school and are ready to tackle higher-ed STEM classes. In contrast, other students may need more lessons to polish their foundational skills before starting higher-level math courses.

With recent math scores in the US declining, it’s becoming critical that students are given every chance to succeed in their math courses instead of failing or withdrawing from them. Either situation is frustrating, anxiety-causing, and demoralizing and may prevent them from continuing a STEM degree and pursuing a rewarding career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Using Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite, institutions can assess the math skills of incoming STEM students with the trusted and proven MAA placement tests delivered through Möbius. This helps institutions to assign students to suitable courses or help them fill in the gaps in their math foundations.

What are MAA placement tests?

MAA placement tests are used by hundreds of institutions across North America and have been appropriately placing students in entry-level mathematics courses since 1977. The tests are carefully balanced, offered with multiple versions, and real-life tested to provide consistent, reliable, and genuine results.

The MAA Placement tests are comprised of Concepts Readiness (CR) and Skills-based tests. The MAA analyzed research on CR tests to determine which critical conceptual understandings and skills are required for success in the target course. Skills-based tests are standard, algorithmic, and calculator-based tests that determine if a student possesses the foundational tactical skills needed to succeed in the target course.

What are the benefits of using Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite?

With Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite, you can easily administer these tests online using Möbius—the leading online mathematics assessment platform that supports rich mathematical content. You can also customize your testing environment, access detailed reports on student performance, and integrate with your learning management system (LMS).

By using Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite, you can:

  • Save time and resources by eliminating paper-based testing
  • Provide immediate feedback and remediation for students
  • Track student progress and identify areas of improvement
  • Adjust test difficulty and duration according to your needs
  • Align placement test content with your curriculum objectives
  • Ensure academic integrity with proctoring options

How can you learn more about Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite?

Find more details on our placement testing web page.
Read the eBook, “Partnering with the MAA to Assess Mathematics with Precision,” for more details on the testing suite. And coming soon, read our newest customer story on how a major technology institution uses Möbius for their placement needs.