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Möbius MAA PTS vs. ALEKS: Which Placement Testing Solution is Right for You?

Marty Callahan
Marty Callahan
Chief Executive Officer

Accurate placement testing is vital for ensuring students have the ability to get off to a strong start in their higher ed pursuits. A student’s early success sets the stage for their post-secondary education and eventually in their chosen profession. While products like ALEKS exist, Möbius’ Placement Testing Suite, developed by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), boasts advantages that are in a class of its own.

Why Möbius MAA Placement Tests Outperforms ALEKS

Many students enter higher education unprepared for the mathematical demands of their courses. When tackling the math readiness crisis through placement testing and remediation support, our MAA Placement Testing Suite prioritizes accuracy, insightful data, and budget-friendliness. 

Below are other differentiators and considerations when choosing a placement testing solution that is right for you:  

    • Created & Supported by the Mathematical Association of America: Credibility matters, and our solution was developed and endorsed by the MAA using mathematical rigor and sound methodology. The MAA takes an active role in continually reviewing and updating our placement tests to ensure precision and efficacy.
    • Möbius MAA Placement Testing Suite Content is Not Locked: While ALEKS and other placement testing products have static content —meaning tests cannot be modified or edited, Möbius puts the power of editing content into the hands of the instructor. This is especially valuable if you want a question to be more inclusive, or if the question is not performing well.  
    • Customizable and Scalable: Every educational setting is unique. Möbius Placement Testing gives you the flexibility to create test versions tailored for your instructional needs and to handle placements for all students. The platform also has 50+ properties for scheduling, security, feedback, progression, and more.  
    • Focus on What Counts: Our mission is to precisely assess core math competency and skills. This allows students to be placed in courses based on foundational abilities, without getting bogged down by non-essential content.
    • Multiple Choice Questions are More Equitable and Inclusive: The MAA maintains that multiple choice questions are more equitable for placement, especially for those coming from a challenged secondary education background. ALEKS uses adaptive tests that come from a limited sample size of questions that are not editable.
    • Remediation Focus: ALEKS blends placement and remediation, which can sometimes blur the line between assessment and instruction. We prioritize accurate placement, allowing for seamless integration with dedicated readiness resources using state-of-the-art conceptual learning technology and the most powerful math engine. 
    • Cost Concerns: ALEKS can come with a hefty price tag. Möbius MAA PTS is a value-priced solution that allows you to stretch your budget further, ensuring more students benefit from precision assessments.
    • BONUS Point: Möbius Is Way More FUN than ALEKS: The Möbius strip is foundational to mathematical study. The discovery of the Möbius strip was fundamental to the formation of the field of mathematical topology, the study of geometric properties that remain unchanged as an object is deformed or stretched. Topology is vital to certain areas of mathematics and physics, like differential equations and string theory. The shape can also be found in artworks dating back thousands of years.

The Bottom Line

When tackling the math readiness crisis through placement testing and remediation support, our MAA-endorsed solution prioritizes accuracy, insightful data, and budget-friendliness. We help you accurately place students and facilitate the remediation process, setting students on a path toward success. 

Want to see how our placement testing suite can transform your math readiness program? Connect with us here for more information.