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Starting Strong with Möbius Foundations

Jonny Zivku
Jonny Zivku
Director, Product Marketing

At DigitalEd, we understand the obstacles that can come up when starting with a new tool at your institution. Because of that we are proud to announce that Möbius Foundations is now available to all new customers!

Möbius Foundations is a collection of expert-level content that you’ll have instant access to—from any class in Möbius—to utilize pre-built lessons, assignments, questions, algorithmic content, and onboarding materials that you can deliver to your students to better prepare them for using Möbius successfully throughout their studies.

You’ll also find material that spans multiple subject areas contained in Content Templates, Lesson Banks, Question Banks, Assignment Banks, and all sorts of resources to onboard yourself and your students. All this content is easily accessible from right inside of Möbius!

Contact us today if you have more questions about Möbius Foundations.