Get a personalized demo of Möbius Grading

Involved in a project to develop online education materials for STEM courses? Möbius Grading can transform the way you grade bubble sheet multiple choice exams and paper-based assessments. A Möbius Platform Specialist can provide you with a personalized demonstration of the Möbius platform, including Möbius Grading.

  • Grade Handwritten Responses Digitally With Precision

    Annotate using text, numerical scores, LaTeX, Markdown, images, and links, and place feedback in a precise position within the student’s response.

  • Enable Your Grading Team to Conquer the Workload

    Möbius Grading prevents graders from colliding in their grading efforts and tracks grading progress across the grading team in real-time. You can also create a comment library and rubrics that all members of your grading team can access for a consistent use of annotations and feedback.

  • Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

    Feedback can be precisely placed at a specific spot of a student’s handwritten response for better comprehension of how the feedback relates to a specific part of their answer.

  • Analytics to Improve Learning and Teaching

    Analyze statistics of how your students performed and how your graders are progressing.