Learn how the University of Waterloo (UW) has developed strategies to resolve issues related to students, instructors and administration and taken a lead role in using online learning tools to create and administer customized STEM courses to students worldwide.

Recently we have seen universities and colleges step up to the challenge of moving quickly and putting elements of a course online to provide an emergency alternative to teaching face-to-face or testing. However, moving instruction online and creating a compelling and engaging course takes time, planning, and resources, a challenge many academic institutions face now and will meet in the months ahead.

The University of Waterloo, Mathematics department has been delivering online courses to its students for over 15 years while maintaining academic standards, meeting the expectations of its students, and continuing to improve its course offerings and delivery.

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Steven Furino

Former Assistant Dean for Online Studies, UW

Dr. Stephen Watt

Former Dean Mathematics, UW

Dr. Peter Wood

Assistant Dean Online Instruction, UW

Christina Perdikoulias

President, DigitalEd

Jim Cooper

CEO & Founder, DigitalEd