The Introduction to Financial Mathematics Content Pack is a Möbius course developed by the University of Waterloo that you can use as a customizable starting point to a complete financial mathematics course in Möbius. This Content Pack is designed for first-year non-STEM students that focuses on algebraic applications in finance. This Content Pack explores: interest rates, annuities, and investment. This customizable resource contains 6 units of sectioned lessons and assignments enhanced with Möbius capabilities including algorithmic questions, in-lesson questions with unlimited practice, adaptive questions, interactive narratives, Math Apps, immediate feedback, and end-of-section assignments.

How does Möbius take the University of Waterloo’s content to the next level?

  • Lessons contain interactive elements like Interactive Narratives, HTML objects, Math Apps, or Geogebra applications to help solidify difficult STEM concepts.

  • Learn how Möbius’ unique STEM question types throughout this content provide the best STEM learning experience.

  • Work with over 50 configurable assessment properties when modifying existing or building your own assessments.

Course Structure

  • All content is organized into 6 units for easy navigation
  • Course materials provide a solid foundation for creating your course offering which include 33 lessons that promote Active Learning by including illustrative visualizations, interactive elements, and example problems with immediate feedback
  • Different forms of assessment materials are distributed across 5 assignments to evaluate student comprehension through a variety of different question types
  • Pull from a vast selection of over 230 questions that you can use to create your own lessons and assignments or supplement existing ones
6 units
33 lessons
5 assignments
230+ questions

Unit 1: Introduction to Interest

  • 1a: Working with Interest

  • 1b: Compound Interest

  • 1c: Nominal Rates of Interest

  • 1d: Varying Rates of Interest

  • 1e: Dated Values

  • 1f: Unknown Rate and Time

  • 1g: Inflation

  • 1h: Rates of Discount

  • 1i: T-Bills

Unit 2: Annuities

  • 2a: Accumulated Value of Annuities

  • 2b: Present Value of Annuities and Loans

  • 2c: Calculating the Number of Payments

  • 2d: Calculating the Rate

  • 2e: Different Focal Dates

  • 2f: General Annuities

  • 2g: Perpetuities

  • 2h: Increasing Annuities

Unit 3: Loans and Debts

  • 3a: Repayment of Debts

  • 3b: Refinancing Debts

  • 3c: Mortgages

  • 3d: Sinking Funds

Unit 4: Bonds

  • 4a: Bond Basics

  • 4b: Prices between Coupon Dates

  • 4c: Bond Amortization

  • 4d: Yield to Maturity

  • 4e: Other Bonds

Unit 5: Investment Analysis

  • 5a: Net Present Value

  • 5b: Internal Rate of Return

  • 5c: Stocks

  • 5d: Dollar Weighted Rate of Return

  • 5e: Time Weighted Rate of Return


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