This course in differential equations covers standard approaches to solving first order ordinary differential equations along with associated qualitative analyses, second order linear differential equations and systems of differential equations. Examples and applications are drawn from the sciences and engineering. Introduction to Differential Equations is part of the Starter Content Bundle available to instructors and teachers along with the Möbius platform. Highly engaging slideshows, animations, videos, and MathApps help explain core concepts while algorithmic inline questions ensure that students can check their understanding of material. With the course material available in the Möbius platform, instructors have the necessary tools to improve student outcomes while empowering the instructor to be in full control of the content when creating an online course.

Topics Include

  • First Order Differential Equations
  • Laplace Transforms
  • Linear Second Order Differential Equations
  • Linear Vector Differential Equations
  • Qualitative Methods

Course Structure


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