Comprehensive, Official, and Certified

Möbius combines certified technical integration with a comprehensive STEM learning platform. Möbius is the first and only officially certified STEM courseware delivery tool that can be integrated into any learning management system (LMS).

Supercharge Your STEM topics with Möbius, and Your LMS

  • Möbius specializes in seamlessly integrating with your LMS to power up your institution’s ability to deliver STEM courses successfully.
  • Supercharge STEM topics inside your LMS courses with professionally pre-built content to accommodate your curriculum and teaching style.
  • Inline assessment, immediate feedback, interactivity, authentic mathematical notation, and algorithmic content can be accessed from inside your LMS using Möbius lessons and assignments.

A Seamless Experience for Students and Instructors

Single Sign-on

Möbius allows for single sign-on (SSO) authentication. Users don’t need to manage separate credentials for accessing Möbius and the LMS.

Customizable Course Navigation

When integrating Möbius into your LMS, you can customize the multiple links and entry points to go precisely where you want in Möbius.

Consolidated Gradebooks

Access all assignment results in a single location without manually transferring marks from various platforms.

Class Management

Easily manage your classes and organizational structure between your learning management system and Möbius.

Compare Experiences

Möbius complements the basic features of popular learning management systems and adds the capability to teach complex math subjects.

Comparison Item LMS Mobius
Communication Tools Checkmark
Tuition Management Checkmark
Calendars Checkmark Checkmark
Customer Support Services Checkmark Checkmark
Course Management & Delivery Checkmark Checkmark
Analytics Checkmark Checkmark
Gradebook Checkmark Checkmark
Assignment / Quiz Delivery Checkmark Checkmark
Built-in Math Engine for Intuitive Grading and Content Generation Checkmark
Engaging Lessons with Interactive Math Applications Checkmark
Equation Editor with Built-in Syntax Checker Checkmark
Algorithmic Question Delivery Checkmark
STEM-specific Question Types Checkmark
Intelligent Partial and Open-ended Question Grading Checkmark
Adaptive Questions Checkmark
Adaptive Assignments Checkmark
Ready-made STEM Content to Support Course Delivery Checkmark

1EdTech Certification logo 2024

We are officially certified and support LTI 1.3 Core (Learning Tools Interoperability); the latest and most stable LTI specification provided by 1EdTech. Möbius is certified and supports LTI Deep Linking from LTI Advantage.

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