LMS and Möbius

Why Use An LMS and Möbius?

Möbius is the perfect tool to supercharge your LMS to provide the best experience for your STEM students.
Jonny Zivku
Jonny Zivku
Director, Product Marketing

The setting: You’re teaching an entry level math course, something along the lines of college algebra, trigonometry, calculus, or something in between. You’ve created your teaching materials, you’ve prepared all your assignments and  exams, and finalized your syllabus. Now it’s time to create and deploy your online course materials.

Luckily, your school has a Learning Management System (LMS) that has been adopted school-wide. You now spend hours, or if you’re lucky, someone on your staff spends those hours, digitizing your materials specifically for your LMS. It’s the week before classes start and everything is ready to go.

After a few weeks of teaching, you’ve arrived at a few conclusions: students aren’t engaged in the material that was digitized for the LMS, students are passing around answer keys to the online multiple choice homework, DFW rates are steadily climbing as the weeks go on, and overall engagement for the course is dismal.

What happened?

As it turns out, one of the biggest challenges for STEM instructors and department heads is trying to push out online course materials using their LMS. Why is this? An LMS wasn’t designed with STEM in mind. It lacks sophisticated technology to support STEM-specific challenges, it can’t produce the visualizations and engaging interactive tools that are expected, and it certainly doesn’t provide a friendly user experience for students to learn and understand STEM online.

Combine the advantages of your LMS with the world-class STEM content creation and delivery platform of Möbius. Möbius is the first and only officially certified STEM courseware delivery tool that can be incorporated into any learning management system, complementing your existing EdTech ecosystem, making for a seamless experience for instructors and students.

Möbius specializes in seamlessly integrating with your LMS to power up your institution’s ability to successfully deliver STEM courses. Inline assessment, immediate feedback,  interactivity, authentic mathematical notation, and algorithmic content can be harnessed from inside of your LMS using Möbius lessons and assignments to ensure student engagement and course integrity that an LMS can’t achieve on its own.

Why continue delivering online STEM material that is stale, outdated, and encourages student failure? Contact DigitalEd today to find out why Möbius is the perfect tool to supercharge your LMS to provide the best experience for your STEM students.