The Contemporary Mathematics Content Pack is a Möbius course that you can use as a customizable starting point to a complete contemporary mathematics course in Möbius. This Content Pack provides an introduction to: financial literacy, dimensional analysis as applied to measurement and unit conversions, graph theory, topics in probability, and descriptive statistics with applications of mathematics in contemporary life. This customizable resource contains 6 units of sectioned lessons and assignments enhanced with Möbius capabilities including algorithmic questions and end-of-lesson quizzes.

How does Möbius take this Content Pack to the next level?

Course Structure

  • All content is organized into 6 units for easy navigation
  • Course materials provide a solid foundation for creating your course offering which include 35 lessons with illustrative visualizations
  • Different forms of assessment materials are distributed across 29 assignments to evaluate student comprehension through a variety of different question types
  • Pull from a vast selection of over 390 questions that you can use to create your own lessons and assignments or supplement existing ones
6 units
35 lessons
29 assignments
390+ questions

Unit 1: Consumer Finance

  • 1.1 Simple Interest

  • 1.2 Compound Interest

  • 1.3 Consumer Loans

  • 1.4 More About Home Loans

  • 1.5 Saving for Retirement

  • 1.6 Average Daily Balance

Unit 2: Descriptive Statistics

  • 2.1 The Mean, Median, Midrange, and Mode

  • 2.2 Measures of Variability

  • 2.3 Grouped Data

  • 2.4 Graphical Displays of Data

  • 2.5 Linear Regression

Unit 3: Probability

  • 3.1 Probability Basics

  • 3.2 Probability with OR

  • 3.3 Probability with NOT

  • 3.4 The Fundamental Counting Principle

  • 3.5 Multiplication Rules and Conditional Probability

  • 3.6 Permutations and Combinations

  • 3.7 Probabilities with Counting Techniques

  • 3.8 Binomial Probability

  • 3.9 The Normal Distribution

  • 3.10 The Standard Normal Distribution

  • 3.11 Expected Value

Unit 4: Graph Theory and Networks

  • 4.1 Introduction to Graph Theory and Networks

  • 4.2 Paths, Circuits, Euler Paths, and Euler Circuits

  • 4.3 Hamilton Paths, Hamilton Circuits, and the Traveling Salesman Problem

  • 4.4 Trees

Unit 5: Dimensional Analysis

  • 5.1 Measuring Length in the English and Metric Systems

  • 5.2 Measuring Area and Volume in the English and Metric Systems

  • 5.3 Measuring Weight and Temperature

Unit 6: Answers to Select Exercises

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