The Developmental and Intermediate Algebra Content Pack is best suited as a foundations of mathematics course often taught in post-secondary institutions and provides a customizable starting point to a complete algebra in Möbius. This Content Pack is structured with weekly lectures in mind and covers algebra and geometry core principles, serving as an excellent prerequisite to first-year college or university algebra and geometry courses. This customizable resource contains 5 units of sectioned lessons and assignments enhanced with Möbius capabilities including algorithmic questions, embedded videos, and end-of-lesson quizzes.

How does Möbius take this Content Pack to the next level?

Course Structure

  • All content is organized into 5 units for easy navigation
  • Course materials provide a solid foundation for creating your course offering which include 81 lessons with illustrative visualizations and embedded videos
  • Different forms of assessment materials are distributed across 79 assignments to evaluate student comprehension through a variety of different question types
  • Pull from a vast selection of over 1100 questions that you can use to create your own lessons and assignments or supplement existing ones
5 units
81 lessons
79 assignments
1100+ questions

Unit 0: Mindfulness of Learning Mathematics

  • Mindfulness of Learning Mathematics

Unit 1: Introduction to Mathematical Objects

  • 1.1 Module 1: Introduction to Mathematical Objects Number Systems

  • 1.1B Decimal Numbers

  • 1.2 Number Sets

  • 1.4A Visualizations of Rational and Decimal Numbers

  • 1.4B Ordering Numbers

  • 1.5A Representing Real Numbers on a Number Line and Complex Numbers in the Complex Plane

  • 1.5B Plotting Complex Numbers

  • 1.5C Scientific Notation and Rounding

  • 1.6A Natural Number Exponents and Properties of Exponent

  • 1.6B Quotient Rule and Negative Exponents

  • 1.7A Negative and Zero Exponents

  • 1.7B Summary of Laws of Exponents

  • 1.8A Rational Exponents and Radicals

  • 1.8B Radical Notation

  • 1.8C Radicals - Practice problems

  • 1.8D Estimating Radicals

  • 1.9A Polynomials

  • 1.9B Polynomials in Formulas

  • 1.9C Polynomials in Geometry

  • 1.10 Function Notation

Unit 2: Arithmetic of Algebraic Objects

  • 2.1A Addition as Combining “Like” Units, Module 2: Arithmetic of Algebraic Objects

  • 2.1B Like Units

  • 2.1C Properties of Addition

  • 2.1D Addition Continued

  • 2.1E Additional Examples of “Like Units”

  • 2.1F Adding Fractions

  • 2.2A Multiplication

  • 2.2B Multiplication Algorithm

  • 2.2C Using Multiplication To Add Rational Expressions

  • 2.3A Subtraction as The Inverse Of Addition

  • 2.3B Visualization of Subtraction

  • 2.3C Absolute Value

  • 2.3D Subtraction of Other Mathematical Objects

  • 2.3E Subtraction of Rational Expressions

  • 2.4A Factoring, Multiples

  • 2.4B Least Common Multiple

  • 2.4C Adding Rational Expressions

  • 2.4D Factoring Polynomials

  • 2.4E Factoring (or dividing) the greatest common factor

  • 2.4F Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

  • 2.5A Factoring Trinomials and a geometric interpretation

  • 2.5B Factor by Grouping

  • 2.5C Factoring Trinomials Using Algebra Tiles

  • 2.5D Factoring Trinomials Continued

  • 2.5E Binomial Factoring

  • 2.5F Difference of Squares

  • 2.5G Sum and Difference of Cubes

  • 2.5H Application of Factoring to Sum and Difference of Rational Expressions

  • 2.6A Multiplication of Rational and Radical Expressions

  • 2.6B Multiplication of Rational Expressions

  • 2.6C Power Rule

  • 2.6D Multiplication of Radicals

  • 2.6E Rationalizing Denominators of Radical Expressions

  • 2.7A Division

  • 2.7B Division of Decimal Numbers and Rational Expressions

  • 2.7C Division Algorithms

  • 2.8A Order of Operations

  • 2.8B Complex Fractions

Unit 3: Solving Equations and Inequalities

  • 3.1A Equations & Inequalities, Interval Notation (Module 3: Solving Equations and Inequalities)

  • 3.2A Solving Equations and Inequalities

  • 3.2B Percentage, Ratio, and Proportion Problems

  • 3.3A Factoring and the Zero Property of Equality

  • 3.4A Radical and Power Equations

  • 3.5A Quadratic Equations

Unit 4: Applications and Graphing

  • 4.1A Coordinate Plane Geometry (Module 4: Applications and Graphing)

  • 4.1B Midpoint and Distance

  • 4.2A Graphical Solutions To Equations and Inequalities

  • 4.3A Graphs of Linear Equations In Two Variables: Horizontal and Vertical Lines

  • 4.3B Slope of Lines

  • 4.3C Slope Intercept Form of a line

  • 4.3D Point Slope Form

  • 4.3E System of Equations In Two Variables

  • 4.4A Interpreting Graphs and Linear Models

  • 4.4B Linear Models

  • 4.4C Applications

  • 4.5A other Applications

  • 4.5B Mixture Problems

  • 4.6A Rate Problems

  • 4.6B Other Rate Problems

  • 4.7A Using Formulas From Other Disciplines

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