Möbius Grading

Still Rely on Paper-Based Testing? No Problem!

Jonny Zivku
Jonny Zivku
Director, Product Marketing

Möbius Grading eliminates the headaches of grading paper-based assessments

There’s no denying that there’s still a time and place for a traditional pencil and paper-based testing.

It’s true, Möbius by DigitalEd offers excellent digital alternatives to traditional paper-based testing, but none of us here at DigitalEd will EVER say that you need to completely stop this tried and tested paper-based method of assessment.

What we WILL say to you is: Did you know that you can still offer this reliable and traditional testing method but you can get back to teaching faster by completely eliminating the logistical and administrative headaches of grading papers!?

In April of 2023, DigitalEd partnered with Edufide Inc.—a fellow Canadian technology company that’s also set on improving the workflows of higher education faculty and assuring the positive outcomes of students—to bring you Möbius Grading, an additional product offered alongside DigitalEd’s other top-tier solutions: Möbius and the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite.

What is Möbius Grading?

Möbius Grading is designed for three types of paper-based testing:

  • In-person paper-based assessments where students are completing their responses on paper by hand during an on-site assessment
  • Bubble sheet assessments where students are filling out bubbles for an in-person paper-based multiple choice assessment
  • Remote offline assessments where students can upload a file (a PDF or an image) of their response from anywhere (like from home, for example)

Not only can you grade these types of paper-based assessments in a digital format, but you can collaboratively grade them with a grading team in real-time without overwriting the grading efforts of someone else. For example, multiple graders can simultaneously grade different questions from the same student submission, resulting in consistency AND efficiency.

What are the origins of Möbius Grading?

Asim Aziz—the CEO and Founder of Edufide Inc.—and his development team worked closely with the faculty of the University of Alberta that hosts 39,000 full-time students to develop Möbius Grading that makes it easy to customize and digitize the feedback for these types of assessments. Möbius Grading was successfully implemented campus-wide in classes of up to 1500 students and with grading teams of up to 12 grading assistants.

“Manual grading happens at every single higherEd college and university I know of, yet tools to facilitate this important process are not generally available to instructors. Some options are there, but they are either not good enough or too expensive.”

-Asim Aziz, Edufide Inc. CEO and Founder

Why choose Möbius Grading?

There’s a vast array of features inside of Möbius Grading that come together to make it exceptionally easy to provide high-quality feedback to your students while streamlining the way you grade.

“With a powerful lineup of game-changing features, there are a few that really stand out to me. First is the ease and consistency of grading that makes it worth a purchase. Being able to provide in-context feedback and, now, as of June 2023, video recorded feedback make it a no-brainer. Secondly the ability to grade exams concurrently as a team in real time is a big benefit for larger classes with multiple instructors. Shared comments and rubrics add to the consistency. And thirdly, being able to return completed exams with feedback without worrying about retention of the original copy is a subtle but important benefit.”

-Asim Aziz, Edufide Inc. CEO and Founder

Alongside Asim’s most treasured features are the other benefits that Möbius Grading offers to make grading of these tedious exams painless. Check out Top Ten Reasons Why Möbius Grading is a Better Way to Grade Paper-Based Assessments, and you can even watch a webinar featuring Dr. Ahmed Hassan of Carleton University who speaks about his enlightening experience with Möbius Grading.

What’s next for Möbius Grading?

The reach of Möbius Grading’s capabilities to improve paper-based grading aren’t done, though. Asim and his team alongside their collaboration partners here at DigitalEd are constantly pushing forward to keep Möbius Grading as the superior tool for the grading of paper-based assessments. Both teams always have their ears to the ground and are listening to the needs and wants of what faculty in the higher education space are saying so that enhancements can be made to Möbius Grading to make paper-based grading more approachable.

“We are really excited about the upcoming automated and intelligent grading of handwritten work.”

-Asim Aziz, Edufide Inc. CEO and Founder

Professors have identified improved grading efficiency as a potential path to freeing up time for personal research, work-life balance, and time with students. We, here at DigitalEd, would love to connect with you to understand how the nuisances of grading paper-based assessments are keeping you from getting back to what you do best: teaching.

Feel free to reach out!